Warm Feet


Warm Heart

Help us to make sure every kid in need has a pair of socks to ensure they have warm feet and a warm heart knowing their community cares for them!

Active  kids need a safe secure place to hold important items!

Our products give kids a stylish secure place to hold items like cell phones, Epi Pens, inhalers, money, or anything they need to keep close to them!

Socks with Pockets



Leggings with Pockets

Wise Pocket Products is excited to present

unique socks and leggings with pockets to store your phone,

epi pens, inhalers or other important items.

Take a look at a few of our favorites and stay tuned for more information!

We are getting ready to launch our Indiegogo Campaign to place our first order so join our mailing list or email us with your information and what items you would like to order and we will put you on our preorder list.  

Styles may vary but the pockets will be the same. 


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